5 Most Popular Places in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country located in the Arabian Peninsula that is famous for having the historic roots of Islam in addition to its varied geography. Primarily a desert country, Saudi Arabia is also known for its wonderful culture, countless palaces and mosques, oil and the Arabian Coffee. It attracts a huge number of tourists who come to visit from all across the world to witness the rich cultural heritage of the country along with the fascinating structures that is dotted all over the country. Saudi Arabia is home to a number of tourist destinations and here are a few popular places in Saudi Arabia that you must visit when you go there.

Masmak Fortress

One of the main tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia is the Masmak Fortress. Situated in the capital city of Riyadh, this architectural wonder was constructed in the early 1900”s using clay and brick. This structure played an important role during the Battle of Riyadh and helped in restoring the control back to the Saudi Arabians. It’s a beautiful structure that reminds you of its importance in the past. The insides of this structure has been converted into a museum that gives you an insight into the roots of the Arabic culture and is open to tourists.

Kingdom Centre

A must see attraction while you are still in the capital city of Riyadh is the Kingdom Centre which is an iconic structure in the city. The Kingdom Centre is a skyscraper that is 300 metres tall and is home to several offices, eateries, five star hotels, lavish apartments, entertainment avenues and luxury brands. On top of this structure is the SkyBridge that overlooks the entire city and is a must visit place if you are interested in getting some breath-taking panoramic views of the Riyadh.

Floating Mosque

One of the must visit places in Saudi Arabia is the floating mosque in Jeddah. You can do your flight ticket booking after you have toured Riyadh and reach Jeddah to witness this beautiful place of worship. Known as the Al Rahma mosque, this place of worship is located on the northern waterfront of Jeddah. A special feature of this mosque is that its structure is supported white stilt that suspend it above the water. During the time of high tide, the waters cover the stilts and give the illusion that the mosque is floating on water, hence the name.

The ruins of Al Ula

Located in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia are the ruins of Al Ula which are a stunning natural wonder and worth a visit. They are home several stunning rock structures, the best among them being the elephant rock which a geological wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These unique rock structures are situated in the middle of the desert and were shaped by years of wind and water erosion. Apart from the rock structures, Al Ula also has citrus farms, the remains of many ancient kingdoms and 2000 year old clusters of Nabatean tombs.

Al Wahbah Volcanic Crater

One of the most popular places in Saudi Arabia is the Al Wahbah volcanic crater located in the Hejazi region of the country. It is shallow crater measuring 6.9 km in diameter which is covered by white coloured sodium phosphate crystals at the bottom. For the longest time it was thought to be a crater formed by a meteorite until recently when the geologists confirmed that it was formed by volcanic activity. The visitors can trek to the bottom of the crater and enjoy a small picnic or camp overnight according to their wish.