Cala DHort Ibiza

Cala D’Hort resides just at the bottom of rolling green hill which looks exactly like a pot of gold at the end of rainbow. It is one of the most beautiful and magical as well as laidback beaches of Ibiza or you can call it as ibiza Cala DHort. The golden Cala DHort beach ibiza with an arc shape just boasts uninterrupted in the front rows to get the spectators a natural mesmerizing view. It is the finest and small beloved beach which has a fantastic view of the mysterious island that rises from the core of the sea just a few hundred metres away. In summer, it is one of the most popular beaches with sand in one side and pebbles on the other.

Where is Cala DHort Ibiza Located?

The beach is located on the south-west of the island and is just opposite to the islands of es vedra Ibiza and Ibiza es vedra.

cala dhort ibiza

Who Goes There?

Cala DHort beach Ibiza is literally one of the Best beaches in Spain. It is very much popular among the young couples as well as the European families out there. Even it is quite famous among the Ibicenco retirees, those who are hopefully visiting the beach throughout their life!

When to Go?

Well! The best time to visit the Cala DHort Ibiza is in-between June and September. During these two months it is a bit less crowded. As there is a limited paring system at the beach so it is better if you arrive early, otherwise it will be a long hot walk up the hill.

What are the Things to look for?

It is best for relaxation and spending time alone in the natural beauty of sea. But its main attraction is the sunset of Es vedra. You can feel that energy that emanates from the rock which is just so amazing.

cala dhort ibiza