Top 5 Beaches in Nicaragua for a Vacation

The Republic of Nicaragua is one of the largest countries in Central America and is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on its eastern border and the Pacific Ocean on its western coast. It is a country which is famous for its lakes and volcanoes but has no dearth of beautiful beaches because of its strategic […]

Playa Gigante

Playa Gigante, Nicaragua is a small fishing pueblo located along the southern coast of the country. The town is very sparsely populated with fishing as the main occupation. More recently tourism have been developed but it is still in its infancy. The handful of tourists who visit there are taken in by the homely surroundings, […]

Playa El coco

Featured in the list of developing countries, Nicaragua is not a very advanced place for tourism and most beaches of Nicaragua lack the amenities and facilities of the beaches elsewhere in the world. But that is what makes the beaches appeal to the travelers. For a quiet, relaxing couple of days away from the hustle-bustle […]

The Corn Islands

The Corn Islands, Nicaragua are one of the most popular tourist destinations along the Caribbean coast in Central America. Though the country is mainly agricultural with fishing as the main occupation and from which the major part of national income is derived, in recent years, tourism has also developed, making this industry the second largest […]

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