Top 5 Beaches in Nicaragua for a Vacation

The Republic of Nicaragua is one of the largest countries in Central America and is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on its eastern border and the Pacific Ocean on its western coast. It is a country which is famous for its lakes and volcanoes but has no dearth of beautiful beaches because of its strategic location on the world map. Nicaragua is a popular holiday destination that is dotted with some spectacular beaches on both its eastern and western coast. You can choose from a secluded beach to a beach that is vivacious, the beaches of Nicaragua has something for everyone. So book your tickets to spend your next vacation in one of the top 5 beaches in Nicaragua listed below.

Redonda Bay

Located 85 miles away from the capital city of Managua on the emerald coast is the Redonda Bay which is a tropical paradise for people who are looking for a secluded beach. Listed as one of the top 5 beaches of Nicaragua, Redonda Bay is a part of a private beachfront property by the name of Aqua Wellness Resort, so you can access it easily if you book your stay there. Even if you are not staying at the resort, the place is worth a visit and therefore you can book a dinner or lunch one of the days and have access to the beach when you are there. The white sandy shore is sandwiched between the clear blue waters and the sandstone cliffs. The beach has calm waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and paddle boarding. You can hike up the cliffs to get a panoramic view of the sea and a stunning sunset.

Corn Islands

The Corn Islands, located off the coast of Nicaragua, are two islands in the Caribbean waters. They are the perfect island getaway for people wanting to experience the Caribbean culture and some solitude for not many tourists make their way to the islands. Located 50 miles from the capital city, the Big Corn Island can be reached by a 90 minute flight from Managua and then you can take a boat to the Little Corn Island which takes about 20 minutes. The journey is worth it because you will be greeted by turquoise waters, white sand with swaying palm trees and warm weather which will instantly put you in the vacation mode. The place is ideal for a relaxing vacation with very few distractions. Those who are looking for some activity can go scuba diving to witness the most stunning coral reefs that are present in its waters. Other activities such as kayaking and snorkelling can be done as well.

Las Peñitas

The quaint beach town of Las Peñitas has become popular with the tourists in recent years. The beach stretches for 5 kms in the North Western part of Nicaragua and is mostly frequented by the locals. It is a great place to have a vacation with your family where you can get to experience the local life and also indulge in some surfing depending on the waves. You can also visit the local volcano and try your hand at volcano boarding. If you’re lucky then you can witness turtle hatching on the Isla Juan Venado and also explore the surrounding mangroves. There are several resorts in this beach town where you can hire a vacation rental Nicaragua for your stay and eat at the many cafes and restaurants lining the shore.

Playa Maderas

One of the most popular beaches of Nicaragua, Playa Madera is a 3 hours’ drive away from the capital city of Managua or a 20 minute drive from San Juan Del Sur. Playa Maderas ranks among the top 5 beaches of Nicaragua for surfing and is ideal for all surfers. The beginners can stay near the shore while the more experienced surfers can explore the larger waves towards the sea. The other highlights of the beach include the rare shark fin shaped rocks which are a delight to the eyes and the protected rainforest cove that can be explored to witness some of the most beautiful sunsets.


One of the most famous black sand beaches of Nicaragua is Jiquilillo that can be reached by a 3 hour bus drive from the city of Leon. This black colour is due to the volcanic sand which surrounded by deep blue waters and dotted with colourful fishing boats and coconut palms which are ideal for a relaxing getaway. There are a few hostels where you can stay and visit the Padre Ramos mangrove forest or the crater of the Cosiqüina Volcano. You can also go collecting various sea shells of different shapes and colour that regularly wash up to the shore.