Intracoastal Waterway – Things to do and Places to Explore

The Intracoastal Waterway is a toll free shipping route, extending 3000 mile along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts in the southern and eastern United States. It was originally planned to form a continuous channel from New York City to Brownsville, but the necessary canal link through Florida was never completed, making them into two separate sections – the Atlantic and the Gulf.

Their lengths consist of natural inlets, salt-water rivers, bays, sounds and some other important artificial canals. The intercoastal waterway has one of the distinctions in being the earliest canals of all in America which was actually surveyed and mapped in 1722. The major freight canals of the intracoastal waterway are the Cape Cod Canal and Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.

There are so many shops, restaurants and several tourist attraction centers to discover along the intracoastal waterway. Each divided canals location has so many soothing sights and fun activities to offer. From fishing, boating to dinning, there are a lot of options to entirely spend your day in the best way around the intracoastal waterways.

Natural Highlights :

With a length of 3000 miles of waterways and canals with rivers, it opens a paradise of beauty including several natural spots to spend your day well. Sunny days can be chosen with your family to explore along the park and trails of the waterways. This can be a family adventure trip to discover the beauty of the waterways. Since there are several layers of trails, it would be a good hiking experience along with different sights to explore.

These waterways are the best locations for bird watching and fishing. These short adventure sights can offer you the best beach cruising and sightseeing experiences. The peaceful, elegant cruise through the Topsail Island is a pleasant experience. You can also explore the local waters and take time to feel the mesmerizing coastal sunset as it sinks slowly into the horizon.

Cultural Attractions :

World class art and entertainment along with local art galleries, theaters, museums, parks and what not, there are several activities and fun to get along with. The significance of art is well explained by the regularly changing art exhibitions, sculptures, photography, videos and visual media that are presented by the internationally acclaimed artists of the nation at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

You can also discover the hidden oasis along the boat tour in Fort Lauderdale. The Chesapeake City Park offers an open musical night of symphony to cherish and feel under the beautiful sky full of stars. The unique, local boutiques situated in these regions offer a lot of amusing things to take home back with you. The abundance of historical sights like Virginia Civil War Trails, Chesapeake African American Heritage Trail, lets you explore more about the stories and cultures of different people and places of the United States.

Exploring the Adventures :

There are several bars, shops and restaurants dotting the banks of the Intracoastal Waterways. To explore these sights there is no better way other than travelling around using the water taxis. This water taxi takes a variety of routes to make a fun trip around the nearby cities and canals. They also take boat tours to explore more areas of the location. A boat tour will let you explore the gorgeous waterway centers including the spectacular wildlife of sea turtles, dolphins, ospreys, pelicans and more.

The local sport outfitters at these areas will help you with the best paddling adventures. Kayaking, paddle boarding and stand-up paddle boarding can be best experienced at these calm sound side waterways. For property investments, the intracoastal waterways are a profitable major investment due to their location and ambience. The homes for sale on Intracoastal waterway are the best choices for investing in a waterfront property that fits into your lifestyle.