Puerto la Cruz

Puerto la Cruz is one of the top tourist destinations in Venezuela. It is best known for its beautiful mesmerizing beaches.  Aarapito, Isla de Plata and Conoma are the top beaches surrounding the city Puerto la Cruz in Venezuela.  You can simply hire a boat to hit the stunning islands Borracha, Las Chimanas and Cachicamo. […]

Coche Island – The Mesmerizing sunny Island

Coche Island Venezuela is located in the Caribbean between the mainland and Isla Margarita. It is one of the three islands that form Nueva Esparta State of Venezuela. Spreaded over an area of 55 km2 with tropical climate and an average temperature of 27 to 38 °C it is a hit among the travelers. The […]

Mochima National Park

Mochima national park Venezuela is named after the town Mochima. It is located in the states of Anzoátegui on the northeastern coast of Venezuela.  The national park was created to protect 234,489 acres of semi tropical coastal mountains in the year 1973. The coast is a mountainous zone with gulfs, inlets and beaches of exceptional beauty.  […]

Margarita Island – The Pearl of the Caribbean

Isla de margarita Venezuela is a Caribbean Island located to the Northeast of the country’s capital Caracas. It is the largest island with a total area of 934 km² of Nueva Esparta. Playa el agua margarita is divided into two parts- the Macanao Peninsula to the west is not heavily populated and to the east […]

Los Roques Beach

The heavenly kingdom of white sands and crystalline water. Los Roques beach is an archipelago of Venezuela. Take a flight from Caracas or Maracaibo and you will get a magnificent view of the variety of blues of the Caribbean. You can enjoy a full day at los roques by totally losing yourself in the amazing sight […]

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