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Stockings islands

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One of the major tourist attractions of the Bahamas groups of islands is the stockings island which is a small and elongated island that is located some way off the port of Georgetown and nearby great exuma islands, Bahamas. The exuma beaches are major tourist attractions that you can visit when you are planning your trip to Bahamas and it is particularly known for the number of resorts and is lightly populated. The island has several attractions like the hurricane hole andthe Beacon.

Major attractions of the islands

Stockings islands

Stockings islandsbahamas is located near the exuma Bahamas and one of the major attractions of this exumas Bahamas is the mystery cave called Jacques Cousteau. The cave is rather a hole that goes about 8o feet under the stockings island to the Atlantic Ocean. The cave is particularly very attractive place for snorkelling.

Exuma islands and Exuma IslandBahamas holds many wonder for the tourists and the geographic terrain of the islands with the sand dunes and stromalites make it a very interesting visit for any tourists. Here there are natural trails or the stockings island paths which you can take for exploring the quitter parts of the island at your leisure. Apart from the natural beauty of the island there is the monument of the salt beacon which was a guide for cargo ships into Elizabeth harbour and also to the George Town for picking and minimum of the salt.

Accommodation and resorts

Stockings islands

The exuma islands and the various regions of the stockings islands have many resorts and restaurants and lodges as well which provide quality accommodation and here you can avail almost every amenity that you might need on daily basis. The food and cuisine of the island is a must try. The transportation and connectivity of the island with the mainland also make it a very safe destination.

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