How to plan a trip in Greece in accordance with COVID-19 Protocols

One should definitely plan a trip in Greece at least once in their lifetime. Greece is one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world which witnesses almost 35 million tourists in a year. The place has a stunning landscape consisting of white structures against the brilliant blue backdrop of the sea and sky, a sight that is sure to take your breath away. Turquoise waters, white sand, stunning sunsets and delicious Greek food lure travelers from all across the globe.

But the year of 2020 was devastating, to say the least, due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing the governments of almost all countries to put travel restrictions. The Greek government also closed its borders in March 2020 to limit the spread of the virus and remained closed till April 2021. After nearly 14 months of no international travelers Greece has finally decided to open its arms and welcome the foreign tourists along with certain conditions which are put in place for the protection of the tourists and local citizens alike. So if you want to plan a trip in Greece, here is what you need to know.

Greece is currently reeling under the pressure of the second coronavirus wave with the country witnessing around 2000 daily cases. The government has decided to lift the imposed lockdown in a phased manner and operate tourism businesses with restrictions. If you’re a US or Canadian citizen then you can travel to Greece visa free for a period 90 days. Being vaccinated is mandatory for travelers wanting to visit Greece. All tourists can go to Greece without having to quarantine with the condition that they have a negative PCR test which is not more than 72 hours old prior to arrival.

All travelers must also carry proof of being fully vaccinated. All tourists may be subjected to random Antigen tests by the officials and be quarantined if found to be positive. The travelers are also required to fill in a Passenger Locator Form prior to departure which tracks the places where you’ve been and the places where you plan to visit. So, keep these things in mind and plan your trip in advance making sure that you have all the necessary documents and tests reports ready with you.

Greece has opened its tourist’s places, museums, eateries, bars and cafes with conditions that they can accommodate their customers in open seating areas. The curfew time has been pushed to 12:30 am giving the tourists enough time to explore and see the places. You can safely travel in Greece while wearing a mask at all times. Make sure to make a detailed travel itinerary in advance so that you can pre book the archaeological places like Acropolis and museums that you want to visit since most places are open for limited people each day.

You can also go island hopping and hire the Yacht and Catamaran Charter Experts who will help you with yacht bookings and ensure your safety during your trip to the different islands. Make plans to visit the quaint white villages of Greece and enjoy the sunset while sipping a Mythos beer. Visit the abandoned airport at Athens and educate yourself regarding a rare healing plant that grows exclusively in the island of Chios. Make a trip to Mykonos and witness the beauty of its natural caves made over several years by constant water erosion and be a part of the many parties the island hosts. You can also choose to go scuba diving to explore the exotic underwater life thriving in the electric blue waters.