5 Tips to Avoid Back Pain During Long Trips

Travelling is something that most of us enjoy especially when it’s a faraway place that you are travelling to for a vacation or break. However, certain trips may involve long distance travel which requires you to sit for long hours. Sitting for long can sometimes be damaging to the body with back pain being one of the most common results. People who often travel while sitting for long hours may suffer from chronic back pain that can affect your lifestyle. Therefore, it is essential to take measures in order to avoid back pain during long trips. Here is a list of few things that you can do in order to reduce your back pain.

1. If you are going on a long drive then the first and foremost thing is to make sure that you are seated comfortably. You should sit with your knees at a slightly higher level than your hips with you chin pulled in. Try and keep you back pockets empty of any stuff that may cause added pressure to your spine. Make sure that you are sitting at an optimum distance from the steering wheel in the car which doesn’t put strain on your arms. One of the best ways to avoid back pain during long trips is to take breaks in between. Experts say that if you are driving for more than 20 minutes then you should consider changing your seating posture slightly in order to alter the forces acting on your spine. If you are driving for more than hour then you should stop your vehicle, get out, walk and stretch for a bit to relax the pressure on your lower back.

2. If you are prone to having regular back aches then investing in certain accessories can be good idea. Memory foam or air filled cushions can work wonders for people who have issues with their tailbone. Getting support for your back such as using a pillow or rolling up a scarf and placing it between your lower back and the seat can support the contour of the lower curve of your back and keep it in a relaxed position. If you are travelling long distances on the flight or a car, you can use the time for catching up on some much need sleep. However, sleep in ungainly positions while travelling can wreak havoc on your back in the long term. Carrying a travel pillow during the journey can help you get a much needed shut without straining your back. The travel pillow should not be very bulky and easy to carry and therefore investing in a good travel pillow by PineTales will enable you to travel smoothly without having to worry about the extra accessories.

3. Going on a long car drive is fun and making sure that your car is optimally equipped for long drives will add to the experience of it. If the shock absorbers in your car are worn out then you should replace them so as to avoid sudden shock to your spine. Check your tyres before the journey for signs or wear. Worn out tyres make cause excessive shaking and vibrations. Replace the tyres if they are worn out.

4. When you are taking a break from travelling make sure that you are moving your body so as to recover from the long hours of sitting. A long day of driving deprives the body of the much needed movement, hence walk and do some mild stretching to relieve the pressure on your back muscles.

5. Last but not the least, temperature based therapy can be helpful if you suffer from the back pain after a long trip. Applying ice packs can reduce the inflammation and swelling on your back whereas heat pads can relax the muscles and increase blood flow. Choose what works best for you and be on shape while travelling.