Top 5 Beaches of California for a Romantic Vacation

The US state of California lies in the western side of the country and is one of the upscale states that is famous for its varied terrain. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the western side and boasts of 900 miles of a beautiful coastline that is interspersed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This, along with the hilly terrain of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, makes the Californian beaches one of the most romantic places in the country which are ideal for a romantic getaway. If you are planning one in the near future, then here are the top 5 beaches of California that you should consider.

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur

The Big Sur Beach is not only a popular beach but is also rated among the best Beaches of California. It has a stunning coastline of shimmering purple sand that gives a very romantic hue to the entire beachy atmosphere. The seaside is romantic with lots of spots for Instagram worthy pictures along with a long stretch of the coastline where the couples can indulge in a romantic walk. You can also rent luxury cabins which are located at a 15 minute drive from the Pfeiffer Beach.

Torrey Pines, San Diego

Located adjacent to the Torrey Pines State Reserve is the Torrey Pines beach which is an ideal romantic place for couples looking to spend some quality time in the lap of nature. It is also a great place for a day trip from Southern California where the visitors can also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. The beach gives you some stunning views of the San Diego coastline and the couples can also explore the State Reserve using the many trails that lead up to it. This beach also gives you plenty of opportunities to be adventurous.

El Matador State Beach, Malibu

One of the distinctive beaches of California, the beauty of the El Matador State beach in Malibu is unparalleled. Unlike most beaches, the El Matador State beach has a coastline made of rugged that might seem a little difficult to walk on, but provide some of the most breath-taking sunset views in the world. The cliffs themselves are huge and magnificent and can be reached by foot. There is nothing more romantic than witnessing a beautiful seaside sunset after a long tiring walk beside your favourite person.

Arroyo Burro, Santa Barbara

If you want some Mediterranean vibes without actually going there, then Arroyo Burro in Santa Barbara is your best bet. This place has a resort like feel because it is clean, lined by palm trees along with easy access to parking areas and restrooms. The sandy shores get plenty of sunshine and are ideal for a romantic evening walk during the sunset with your partner. The downtown area is attractive and is full of small boutiques, art galleries, cafes and restaurants.

La Jolla Beach, San Diego

Another beautiful beach located in San Diego is the La Jolla Cove which is known worldwide for its stunning beauty and among the top 5 beaches of California. The golden sand along with turquoise blue waters with the cliffs in the background make it an ideal spot for having romantic conversations with your partner. This beach is also known for its adventure sports and is the perfect place for surfing for it has the ideal conditions for surfers of all levels. People can also indulge in paddle boarding, snorkelling and diving to explore the underwater marine life. Couples who like adventure sports should definitely pay a visit to this beautiful beach.