The Best Kimberley Beaches to Explore

Best known as one of the last wilderness frontiers, Kimberley is spread over Australia’s north-western corners. It is a popular tourist destination too and has a historically important past. The Rock art found here is one of the oldest specimens and dates back 40,000 years. Steep ridges, limestone gorges and tropical grasslands make up the landscape here. This unique and rugged appearance makes it attractive to those who love exploring the wilds. But it does have a coastline and some amazing beaches too. Here is a list of some of the Best Kimberley Beaches in Australia.

Broome Town Beach

The town of Broome has a cute beach and it is known as the Town beach. It is very popular with holidaying families as the waters aren’t too rough. Calm blue waters welcome you and the area is safe. One can bring a picnic to enjoy while sitting on the grass or grab a bite from the café near the water. An attraction in this area is the “Staircase to the Moon” – a natural phenomenon in which exposed mudflats create an illusion of a staircase that goes to the moon. This happens only on certain dates when all conditions are right. The town also has a beach market during such events to attract crowds. You can view the flying boat wreckages from the Second World War. Kimberley is home to the largest tides which come in and recede rapidly. Take a walk on the mudflats during low tides and you will be rewarded with the historic remains of such ships. The area has a small water playground for kids as well so parents can have a good time too.

Cable Beach

Cable beach is also near the town of Broome. It is a 14-mile long stretch of sand. It is named after the telegraph cable that was laid between Java and Broome. Ochre red cliffs rise behind the flat beach as gentle waves come in. The southern extreme end of the beach has the Gantheaume Point. The lighthouse here is a great point to observe migrating whales and dolphins; and if you wait till low tide, you can see dinosaur footprints on the rocks. Adjacent to the beach is the Minyirr Park that has walking trails behind the dunes. Swimmers are cautioned to swim here between November and April because of box jellyfish. Camel rides are also offered during sunset and sunrise in some parts of the beach.

Reddell Beach

The Redell beach is a singular one in Kimberley due to the red pindan that borders the white sand beach. The rock patterns and refreshing waters make it an ideal destination to relax and chill. One needs to walk down the sand cliffs to reach the rock formations. It is a favorite with Broome locals because one can swim here or just soak up the sun on the sand. If you visit at high tide, you can witness the red pindan bleeding color into the water. Sites such as can help you with more information on the attractions and the route to get there.

Eighty Mile Beach

The Eighty Mile Beach lies between Broome and Port Hedland. The beach is 140-mile long and the Great Sandy Desert meets the ocean here. It is a nationally important wetland as it is a crucial site for migratory shoebirds. It has a low level of tourism flow and that is why you can enjoy the beach in peace. A caravan park is located at the entrance point of the beach, so you can stay near the shore and enjoy the water. You can go beach fishing, four-wheel driving, camping and enjoy the sunsets too. This is one of the best Kimberley Beaches and for good reason.