5 Reasons why you should do the Mount Everest trek

Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world which boasts a height of 8848 meters. It is located in the Himalayan mountain range in Nepal and attracts many mountaineers every year who seek to scale its height. However, the trek which takes you to the peak of the mountain is extremely difficult, expensive and requires training. The Mount Everest Trek which takes you to the base of the mountain is easier and more rewarding than the one to its peak. Therefore, thousands of people take this journey to the Everest Base Camp and have an exhilarating experience. If you still need convincing as to why you should go on this trek then read on.

Kathmandu City Tour

Most trekkers have to stay a day in Kathmandu before they fly to Lukla to start their journey to the Everest Base Camp. Therefore a lot of agencies include the Kathmandu City Tour as a part of their package so that the travelers get a glimpse of what the capital city of Nepal is like. And it’s totally worth it. In the guided city tour you will visit World Heritage sites like Boudanath Temple and the Swayambunath Stupa along with Monkey Temple and Patan Durbar Square. In addition to this, the travelers who are going to undertake the Everest Base Camp trek get to do wonderful sightseeing around the ancient places of Bhaktapur and the beautiful valleys of the city.

Scenic air route to Lukla

Getting to Lukla itself is quite an adventure. The plane journey itself is quite dangerous with lots of turbulence while you are sitting in a small airplane which isn’t quite well maintained. The Lukla airport itself is on a table top mountain valley having only 400 meters of runway distance making it extremely tricky for the plane to land safely. However, in spite of having several alternatives, most people take this adventurous flight to Lukla to witness the scenic views of the forested valleys and the breathtaking vistas from the Lukla airport because it is totally worth the thrill you feel during the journey.

Unique culture of the local people

One of the top reasons why you should do the Mount Everest trek is because the Sherpa people are very warm and welcoming and you get to experience their hospitality first hand during the trek. Most likely it will be a Sherpa who will be guiding you throughout the trek. They are knowledgeable and athletic and will help you throughout your journey. The local Sherpa people have a unique culture and it is an absolute delight to be a part of their traditions, rituals and festivals.


You will come across many teahouses during the trek and most of them will be very basic, more like a homestay than a hotel. But the experience you have at the teahouse will be unlike any other. The highlight of your stay here will be your interaction with other fellow trekkers from different parts of the world. The chats you have with them around a bonfire eating the local delicious cuisine of “dal bhaat” will truly be unforgettable for you.

Rewarding experience

Last but not the least, the Mount Everest trek is a very rewarding experience that cannot actually be expressed in words. The glory of the mountain as seen from Kalapatthar along with surrounding scenery is breathtaking. The view of Everest allows you to disconnect from your busy life and allows you to just sit with your thoughts after a tiring trek to see such a majestic view. The trek itself is intense not because it’s hard but because it’s difficult to adapt to the constantly changing climate and elevation. But in the end it’s all worth it because at the end of it you are sure to feel confident and renovated.