Mochima National Park

Mochima national park Venezuela is named after the town Mochima. It is located in the states of Anzoátegui on the northeastern coast of Venezuela.  The national park was created to protect 234,489 acres of semi tropical coastal mountains in the year 1973. The coast is a mountainous zone with gulfs, inlets and beaches of exceptional beauty.  […]

Margarita Island – The Pearl of the Caribbean

Isla de margarita Venezuela is a Caribbean Island located to the Northeast of the country’s capital Caracas. It is the largest island with a total area of 934 km² of Nueva Esparta. Playa el agua margarita is divided into two parts- the Macanao Peninsula to the west is not heavily populated and to the east […]

Los Roques Beach

The heavenly kingdom of white sands and crystalline water. Los Roques beach is an archipelago of Venezuela. Take a flight from Caracas or Maracaibo and you will get a magnificent view of the variety of blues of the Caribbean. You can enjoy a full day at los roques by totally losing yourself in the amazing sight […]

Los Frailes Ecuador

Los Fragile Ecuador- Don’t miss the Ocean Views If your are counting the beaches of Ecuador for your next holiday, don’t forget to miss the Los Frailes, it is one of the most alluring and beautiful beach in Ecuador.  The beach is not so close to the town, so you can hire a taxi or […]

Mompiche beach

All Inclusive Ecuador Mompiche Beach!! Ecuador Mompiche Beach is a warm heaven, packed up with bizarre birds and wildlife. The beach is stretched 16 kms from northeast of Ecuador to the end of river estuary at Muisine. Interestingly white/golden sand are the part of Mompiche Ecuador which gives a solitary look to the beach. It […]

Atacames Beach Ecuador

Atacames Beach Ecuador – Catch the Impressive Beauty!! Well, Atacames Ecuador has some or little things to do for the crowd coming from all around the world, right from the people who love eating to the group who are much excited for the adventuring. Atacames Beach is positioned on the North Pacific Coast, and has […]

Montanita beach Ecuador

Montañita Beach – An Ideal Spot for Adventure Seekers!! Montanita beach Ecuador has been tempting globetrotters and other visitors to its shining shores for decades.  All along with Ecuador’s energetic and vibrant attractions in country it is a site that pauses the tourists to stay here for long. The name Montanita of the beach hints […]

Salinas beach

Salinas Beach Ecuador – Take it Easy!! Salinas Beach Ecuador popularly known as “Little Miami Beach” is situated at Ecuador’s western point, and is the biggest coastal resort. The richest point along with the highlighted news, that Ecuador is the prime location for real estate investors, beach lifestyle take it to the elite. Well, the […]

Madidi National Park

Madidi National Park is one of the most specified geographic region on the planet and is popularly deliberated as “Biodiversity hotspot” by the scientists. The national park has spread its roots around 18.957 km, covering immense field of ecosystems ranging from giant grasslands, lowland steamy forests, to natural lowland savannas. When searching for the spots […]

Lake Titicaca Island

Lake titicaca island anonymously said as Titicaca or Titiqaqa,  is positioned on the outskirts of Bolivia and Peru. Talking about the impressive beauty and engaging climate, the Bolivia best beaches counts the number of elegant beaches and lake titicaca is one of them.It is the religious place for the Inca civilization well, it is a belief […]

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