5 Family Friendly Beach Vacation Spots

With the vacations closing in, the hunt for the family friendly beaches has begun for those who are looking to spend leisure time under the sun. Though there are a lot of beaches which offer world class water sports activities and classy accommodation options, only a few of them offer kids friendly beach vacations. A […]

Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Vacation in Mind and why not the most beautiful beaches in the world? Treading along the white shores, flicking a little stand as you walk, while a baby crab scuttles across to meet the ocean waters lulling pebbles along the shore. The waters tease the shoreline, kissing it when they meet and moving away, this […]

Top Beaches with Corals in the World

What are corals? Is coral a plant or animal? Corals are animals that belong to a big group of fascinating and colorful animals known as Cnidaria. Corals are classified generally as soft coral or hard coral, which include golden coral, cherry coral, marine corals etc. Beaching having corals are famous as worldwide corals beaches and […]

Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

Who doesn’t like a beach holiday, yet need to know most dangerous holiday destinations? The sun, sand, radiations …hang on, what is that last part? Yes, seems like some beaches are there that are not idyllic and you need to know dangers on the beach. Whether your specific phobia is jellyfish, shark bites, most dangerous […]

Best Beaches in the Caribbean

Why Caribbean Beaches are considered exotic The Caribbean Islands Beaches, without a doubt are among the best beaches in the world. Caribbean Islands Beaches are well known as beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters, soul-warming sun, and white, silver or pink sand. Choosing the best ones at the islands of the Caribbean isn’t a simple job with so […]

Longest Beaches in the World

Why Long Beaches attract you? When you are sitting in a compartment at work, the idea of strolling down any plain fringed, sun drenched beach somewhere can lift spirits really. The problem is, like many of you might be well aware, many beaches frequently are flooded with visitors during holidays and at the weekends. In […]

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